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2020 Data Threat Report - Federal Edition

Survey and analysis from IDC

54% of all U.S. Federal government data is now stored in the cloud.
Read about the challenges of multi-cloud adoption and other security trends.

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Agencies make widespread use of sensitive data in cloud and digital transformation environments

“Government IT security teams need to take a multi-layered approach to data security, from embracing cloud shared security responsibilities and adopting a zero trust access and data protection approach to data security that authenticates and validates users and devices accessing applications and networks, while also employing more robust data discovery, hardening, data loss prevention and encryption solutions.”
– Frank Dickson, Program VP, Cybersecurity Products at IDC


Key Security Statistics


Of agencies are storing some unencrypted data in the cloud


Percentage of sensitive data in the cloud that is protected by encryption


Of agencies are concerned quantum computing will create exposures for sensitive data


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