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Mukesh Chandak Mukesh Chandak | Business Development Director

Mukesh is Director of Business Development at Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing Business unit. In his current role he is responsible for driving business through strategic partnership with SaaS and other cloud solution providers. Mukesh brings 20 years of experience working in digital security industry encompassing various roles and responsibilities. Mukesh is tech savvy and has a great knack for deriving business application from technology. Mukesh has been fortunate to work in different market segment such as telecommunication, mobile payment, Automotive, IoT. He is now in cybersecurity business for last 3 years focusing on helping partners with data protection and security. Mukesh earned his Bachelor’s degree from IIT Bombay, India with major in Computer Science.

Data Beyond Borders: The Schrems II Aftermath
Mukesh Chandak
Data Beyond Borders: The Schrems II Aftermath

On July 16, 2020 the Court of Justice of the European Union issued the Schrems II… Read More