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Sentinel Insight

Product Usage Tracking and Reporting

With Sentinel LDK, software publishers have full visibility into their existing customer base from start to finish. Beginning with the on boarding of a new customer, this centralized platform provides an easy and intuitive automated process for delivering entitlements and registering products while collecting and storing customer demographic, product activation, and feature usage information.

Once this data is captured, Sentinel LDK enables you to create customized reports around activations, feature popularity and much more. Its automated notification feature also makes it possible to notify on upcoming renewals and updates.

With Sentinel LDK, your organization can plan accordingly for future road-maps and capitalize on cross-selling opportunities in the following ways:

  • Compliance Reporting – Providing entitlement tracking and reporting tools that enable end users to easily ensure they are not inadvertently exceeding paid license usage.
  • End-User Insight – An optional end-user registration step enables you to identify and gain direct access to every individual who activates a copy of the application.
  • Software Packaging Optimization – Product Management and Engineering can discontinue bloatware and create software packages containing the most popular features that customers and prospects want.
  • Usage Trend Analysis – Marketing and Sales can utilize customized reports to analyze what, when, and how products are being used, and leverage this invaluable data to plan, launch, and execute more effective sales and marketing activities.