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Software License Management & Virtualization

Virtualization provides Enterprise organizations with a variety of methods to dramatically reduce IT infrastructure hardware and management costs, making it an industry evolving technique that software vendors cannot afford to ignore. The rapidly growing popularity of virtual machines (VMs) within enterprise organizations makes a software vendor’s ability to license and control their applications within any virtual environment critical to business growth and durability.

Successful management of software requires not only support for licensing in virtual environments but also the ability to enforce license terms once the application is deployed on a virtual machine. Without the enforcement, software publishers have no control over the license and therefore their revenue.

While hardware keys remain the most effective way to prevent unauthorized use and distribution of software in virtualized environments, for some – that option is not practical. Until the release of Thales’s VM binding solution, software vendors wishing to extend their software-based licensing implementation to support virtualized environments were limited to methods that detect the presence of a VM and either allow or deny the execution of the software within those environments: an incomplete solution without any measure of control of the application once authorized.

With Thales there is finally a viable third option – authorize and control software in any virtualized environment with the industry’s first and only technology agnostic VM binding solution. By enabling software vendors to bind a license to a single VM just as they would in a traditional licensing scenario, Thales’s technology protects the license and therefore the application from copy and duplication in any end-user environment, virtualized or otherwise.

Furthermore, the solution includes increased security for new virtualization concepts such as Live Migration, e.g. VMware vSphere vMotion, by using a unique FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) locking. Thales is the industry’s only software licensing and management technology vendor to offer ISVs both hardware and software-based options for licensing applications in any virtualized environment.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Protect revenue by preventing copy/duplication of applications in virtual environments
  • Reduce churn, secure new business, and improve competitive position by supporting the use of your applications in virtual environments
  • Increase profit with licensing and pricing models that support virtual environments