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The Sentinel Design Philosophy

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The Sentinel Design Philosophy

Sentinel LDK’s unique Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often™ design philosophy enables you to fully separate your business and Protection (engineering) processes in order to maximize business agility while ensuring optimum use of your employee time and core competencies, resulting in faster time to market.

With any Sentinel software monetization soluton, developers can focus on integrating award-winning security into the product while product managers focus on defining how the offering is packaged, fulfillment focuses on how to deliver the product, and business leaders will access to the business intelligence required to evolve the offering pricing and packaging strategies on an ongoing basis—all in distinct independent processes.


Sentinel LDK Features

Design Philosophy
Award-winning Security
Sentinel EMS for LDK
Sentinel Envelope

Sentinel Insight
LDK Cross-Locking
Sentinel LDK Trialware

Sentinel License Models
Software Activation


Phase I - Protect Once

Protect Once fits within the Protection realm where engineering incorporates the capabilities of the Sentinel LDK Licensing API to protect individual features of the application you want to license and sell.

  • The binary may be built and then delivered after this stage or our Envelope application can be used to wrap it with the defenses that mitigate software pirates reverse engineering.
  • The protected software is now provided to the end-user.  Engineering’s involvement with licensing the product is no longer needed.

Phase II - Deliver Many

Deliver many is the Business phase – where Business related decisions take place and there is no need for Engineering involvement at this stage. During this stage you will define your product offering by:

  • Bundle the features of your products and products in your catalog to define a variety of unique product packages.
  • Select the most appropriate license model as per customer, market, or GEO, need as an example.
  • Choose the protection type, which can be on a hardware or software key, or in the Cloud.

Phase III - Evolve Often

As part of the Business processes, we have the Evolve Often stage which delivers the capability for you and your end-users to:

  • Actively track delivery and activation status of end-user entitlements
  • Track when, how, and by whom your software is being consumed
  • And easily Manage terms of each entitlement using Sentinel EMS

Protect-Once-Deliver-Many-Evolve-Often™ allows:

  • Business Agility – Updated offerings are immediately available, decreasing time to market.
  • Reduced Cost – Bundling features sold as part of an offering has no impact or distraction on the R&D processes. The R&D team integrates once and requires no implementation changes based on which features are sold.
  • Business Intelligence – Activation history and feature usage information helps drive business decisions


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