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Our information security research program explores new techniques for securing data in modern IT environments


Horizons explores and prototypes new data security technologies and techniques, particularly in distributed cloud environments. Findings are shared publicly, whenever possible, to further the advancement of the information security community.

Our Projects


Threshold Signature

RSA signing with multi-party computation



License to Clone

Lightweight licensing for software agents


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Our People

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Sol Cates

VP Technical Strategy

As a child, Sol Cates liked to learn how things worked by taking them apart. Computers piqued his interest for the same reason – he could use his hands to explore them and figure them out. Sol credits his constant curiosity for leading him into a cyber security career that now stretches past 20 years.

During that time, he has been a vendor, administrator, CISO, CTO, CIO, security analyst, developer, and architect, among other roles. Sol’s current role as technology strategy vice president for Thales is a career highlight because it allows him the ability to solve the problems that he and his peers wrestle with every day.

“It’s very rewarding to understand a problem that your customers experience, and then design, build and innovate the right solution to the real problem,” Sol says.

His childhood might have presaged one professional distinction he earned. At former employer Tripwire, Sol was awarded the inaugural and only MacGyver Award, a nod to his unconventional yet resourceful thinking.

“I hope it wasn’t a comment on my coding style,” Sol jokes.

Our Blogs

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Engineering Secure Systems
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