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Penetra Cyber Security B.V. Silver Reseller

Penetra Cyber Security B.V.

Penetra Cyber Security B.V. was founded in the Netherlands by Cyberwise. Apart from being a listed company in Europe's the most prestigious accreditations , ‘CREST’, Penetra is also a member of Europe's leading cybersecurity cluster, Hague Security Delta (HSD). Penetra offers various cybersecurity services to companies in the Netherlands, mainly in the finance sector. Our services can be grouped under 5 subjects: • Data protection and privacy consulta • Penetration testing (IT, OT, IoT, Cloud, mobile platforms, red / purple teaming) • Auditing (ISO, SWIFT, PCI) • Cyber Security hardware / software sales And with the collaboration of our parent company (Cyberwise) we can also offer SOC, Managed Security Services, any other value added cyber security services.
Strawinskylaan 411 1077XX Amsterdam The Netherlands