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For nearly 40 years, we have served more than 1,000 global customers from diverse industries and geographies with cryptographic software solutions for payments, EDI, and general data protection.
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EncryptRIGHTKey ManagementembeddedPrime Factors EncryptRIGHT: Key Management with Luna SAPrime Factors EncryptRIGHT, a multi-purpose data encryption, tokenization and key management software suite, centralizes key management in a single application.  It is designed to meet security threats, accelerate deployments, and satisfy auditors that sensitive data is safeguarded. It comes bundled with secure audit logs and predefined PCI compliance reporting capabilities. To raise the bar of security even higher, EncryptRIGHT integrates with SafeNet Luna SA HSM to store those keys in a secure tamper-proof hardware appliance. SafeNet Luna SA is a trusted general-purpose HSM in part because the HSM’s “keys-in-hardware” approach protects the entire key lifecycle within the safe, FIPS 140-2 validated confines of the Luna SA HSM appliance. This method ensures that keys, and therefore sensitive data, always benefit from both the physical and logical protections of the Luna SA.