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Verizon technology solutions are powered by investments in networking, cloud, mobility, machine-to-machine, and security.  Those solutions meet the demands and challenges shaping business today, helping users drive results, reach more customers, and increase revenue.

Verizon operates the networks, information systems, and mobile technologies that help businesses and governments securely expand reach, increase agility, and maintain longevity.  

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Verizon UniCERT 5.x

Verizon UniCERT is a flexible and highly-scalable application suite that provides the functionality required to implement and maintain a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system (certification authority, PKI management, certificate registration and lifecycle management functions). The application suite issues and manages the digital certificates that allow IT systems to verify user identities. UniCERT offers manual and automatic receipt and processing of key generation requests, certificate generation, key archival and certificate suspension/revocation.

UniCERT integrates with SafeNet Luna SA HSM for secure encryption key and certificate storage and protection. SafeNet Luna SA HSMs are robust, high-performance, and high-availability appliances that store cryptographic materials (e.g. certificates, SSL private keys, etc.) in secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware. Storing these materials in a hardware appliance means the keys never leave the device, and cryptographic operations take place in the module to ensure the integrity of the entire cryptographic infrastructure.

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