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In adopting the cloud, many organizations want to make sure that their data remains secure – often by using cryptography – without disrupting their ability to freely share, audit, and access their data. Cloud service providers attempt to balance these needs, but in exchange ask customers to give up full control of their encryption keys or lose control of where their data travels and how it is consumed.

Virtru protects Gmail and Drive with end-to-end encryption that prevents unauthorized access to data stored in Google Cloud and shared outside of an organization’s ecosystem. Organizations can disable forwarding, set expiration, and revoke access to control access to sensitive data. Additionally, organizations can watermark files to deter leaks, and maintain persistent control wherever files are shared.

Together, Thales and Virtru eliminate the security compromises that organizations face in the cloud by allowing them to keep their own encryption keys – on-premises or in the cloud – without disrupting Gmail and Google Drive data sharing workflows. Organizations use Thales’ CipherTrust Manager or Luna HSM (either on-premises hardware or Luna Cloud HSM) to store and manage the keys used to facilitate the encryption, authentication, authorization, and consumption of data protected by Virtru’s client-side G Suite endpoints. Encryption keys remain under the organization’s full control, as do the emails and files they secure, facilitating Zero-Trust privacy and granular audit throughout the full data lifecycle.