Cadac Group Reduces Expenses & Gains Flexibility - Case Study

Combine Separate Licensing Platforms - Cadac Case Study

Cadac Group Reduces Expenses & Gains Flexibility - Case Study

Cadac Group is a leading provider of solutions to create, manage, and share digital design information. As the design is becoming more digital, Cadac Group offers its customers expertise to enable them to be better prepared for the future.

Cadac Group wanted a single licensing platform that would be flexible enough to support its hybrid mix of cloud-based solutions and traditional on-premises software applications. The company initially considered developing a licensing solution in-house, but quickly realized that since they lacked in-house licensing expertise, it made more sense to purchase a leading commercial licensing solution.

Challenges of Combining Separate Licensing Platforms

  • Deciding on building an in house solution, which was cost-prohibitive
  • Unable to respond to customer and market needs due to the high cost of separate licensing platforms.
  • Being able to support all product lines with product flexibility

Discover how you can

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Adapt to customer and market needs quickly
  • Perform all business activities under 1 software licensing platform

Migrate to a mature product line with a great reputation for your software licensing needs.  Get the case study to learn how to reduce costs and improve profits by combining separate licensing platforms today