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Sentinel Software Monetization End of Support Policy

Products reach the end of their lifecycle for a variety of reasons. These reasons may reflect market demand, technology driven innovations and product maturity. While this is an established part of the overall product lifecycle, Thales considers it highly important to share all End of Support (EOS) product information with our customers. This policy gives you adequate time to prepare for changes in availability of products and components, manage their development, and administer support or maintenance accordingly.

Listed below is Thales’s End of Support Policy for SRM products and their features. Aspects covered include the various stages of component discontinuation (End of Support) and level of Technical Support provided. The announcements listed below are effective as of January 1, 2011; the following announcements are listed below. Prior End of Support (EOS) announcements are not affected by this policy and apply to their respective product versions.

Product Life Cycle Stage Definitions

General Availability -Products may be further developed to include new functionality, improvement of existing functionality, enhancement that provides additional value and/or extended performance, and any other change that constitutes an upgrade to the product (collectively: "New Features"), as well as for the purpose of implementing new platforms and bug fixes.

Limited Development - This is the initial classification for a product scheduled for EOS. “Limited Development” indicates the intention to stop all product development and support and states that new development will not be carried out for the product. During the period that the product is classified as “Limited Development”, no new features will be developed for the product. Critical problems will be fixed and, based on need, new platforms may be supported. Technical Support continues as normal for the product.

End of Development - This is the second classification for a product scheduled for EOS. End of Development indicates that no new platforms will be supported for the product, no new features will be developed and only critical bugs will be fixed on an as-needed basis. Technical Support is provided, but only for the product “as-is”.

End of Support (EOS) - This defines a product that will no longer be supported by Thales. EOS is the final stage in the overall process. Once a product has been classified as “EOS”, there is no development (including bug fixes), and Technical Support is limited to online documentation (knowledge-base) and downloads.

General Guidelines on End of Support Announcements and Updates

The product End of Support is evaluated per-component on a quarterly basis taking customer needs into account. Updates to the End of Support timeline will be conveyed publicly via the Sentinel Customer Community and email communication.

For component specific details: Product specific details can be accessed by using the links below.








RMS BackOffice

HASP SRM Business Studio

For platform support: Unless otherwise noted, Thales will cease to support operating systems and platforms as soon as their vendors issue their respective End of Support announcements.

For hardware discontinuation: Thales announces the discontinuation of hardware products at least 1 year in advance. Orders for these products are accepted no later than the date of discontinuation. The warranty continues as defined in the warranty of each product.

View DISCONTINUED hardware products.
Note: For products that are not on the list there is currently no plan for discontinuation.

View End of Sale documentation so you can place orders for products prior to their discontinuation.

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