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Secure Remote Access with User Authentication

Secure Remote Access for an Evolving Enterprise Perimeter

An increasingly mobile workforce, the move to cloud-based applications, and the extension of access to consultants and business partners are all blurring the boundaries of the traditional enterprise security perimeter. To keep sensitive data safe while simultaneously enabling workers, organizations need to deploy secure remote access solutions, even when their employees are located in the office.

When corporate resources are scattered across cloud, on-premises and virtualized applications, the need for a single point of management from which to define and enforce consistent access controls becomes critical in ensuring security and transparency.


Addressing Remote Access Security Challenges

Thales' SafeNet Trusted Access platform allows organizations to effectively ensure secure remote access to a company’s sensitive resources be they located on-premises or in the cloud, regardless of the end-point device being used.

Thales offers organizations a choice of on-premises and as-a-service authentication platforms while providing a broad integration ecosystem, fully automated workflows, and a broad range of form factors and authentication methods that can be deployed side by side to meet usability expectations and assurance levels. 

Featuring over-the-air provisioning, user self-service, automated alerts and a selection of soft tokens and tokenless methods, Thales' secure remote access solutions help organizations minimize management overhead, while providing a low TCO and high user convenience.


Benefits of Thales' Secure Remote Access

  • Installs with your current IT ecosystem
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to use
  • Meets any assurance level
  • As-a-service efficiencies (optional)