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AirWatch is the world's largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider. With an enterprise mobility management platform, AirWatch can command devices, workspaces, email, applications, and more through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Web apps. Thales solutions can enhance the security of the mobility SaaS and Web apps by combining authentication andaccess management for AirWatch. The AirWatch enterprise platform can use  SafeNet Trusted Access as access management and authentication provider  to enhance the security of its SaaS and web apps solutions. Using SAML, AirWatch can use the SafeNet Trusted Access to enhance single sign-on and add strong authentication for users and administrators. 


AirWatch Application

AirWatchSaaS and Web AppsembeddedAirWatch: SaaS and Web Apps with Thales Access Management and Authentication Solutions

AirWatch has an industry-leading enterprise mobility platform that effectively manages devices, workspaces, email, apps, and more through SaaS and web apps solutions. AirWatch can use SafeNet Trusted Access as access management and authentication provider in order to provide enhanced security, single sign-on, and strong authentication for the AirWatch platform's users and administrators.

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SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) is now SafeNet Trusted Access (STA), for STA SAML integrations, please refer to STA Application Catalog