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Maximize your software revenue by simplifying license enforcement

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Address the Challenges of Software License Enforcement

For many organizations, enforcing and managing software licensing is complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

With Sentinel Rights Management (RMS), you can handle license enforcement and compliance all in one place.  Simultaneously maximize software revenue by offering flexible license options and provide a smooth customer experience. Thales Sentinel Rights Management System is license management built for the enterprise, so you can meet your customers’ needs while simultaneously meeting your business goals for growth. 

  • Manage your software license enforcement and compliance in one place
  • Maximize software revenue by offering flexible license options
  • Ensure customers get the most value from your software
software license enforcement

Flexible licensing for the future

  • Implement modern business models while leaving room for agile growth
  • Package features and products with multiple out-of-the-box and custom license models
  • Deploy new product packages and test new models without complicated coding


Discover why software and device vendors need Sentinel Rights Management system

Sentinel RMS offers robust, flexible, and scalable software licensing enforcement. It provides software and technology vendors with control over how their applications are deployed and used.

RMS works with software hosted:

Focused on scalable and flexible license enforcement with large enterprises in mind, Sentinel RMS offers the best of both worlds: enterprise-grade software license enforcement, coupled with the benefits of a cloud-connected solution. Easily change your packaging or define license terms for specific features within a single application, and control how and when customers have access to new versions of your software. Sentinel Rights Management is an ideal solution for medium and large-scale environments looking for feature-rich, flexible license enforcement solutions.


Comprehensive, but user-friendly license management

  • Deploy rapidly, with minimal effort
  • Ensure continual use with no disruption of services
  • Protect against software misuse and enable customers to stay compliant
license enforcement


For an enterprise license management solution with easy and flexible implementations, discover what Sentinel Rights Management System can do for you.

More than a licensing agreement

More Than a Licensing Agreement

  • Select License Model: Time-based, user-based, floating licenses, and countless others
  • Select Protection Type: Define who has access
  • Manage Entitlements: Link products back to a single source of entitlement truth
  • Track Usage: Access post-deployment usage data
  • Define Product Catalog: Mix and match features to create countless product blocks


Dynamic and scalable

  • Licensing that adjusts to the speed of your business
  • Meet your customers' needs, regardless of their size and complexity 
  • Supports on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid deployments
Strong and supportive

Enter new markets with flexible licensing


The ability to issue a variety of license types was an important requirement for Geocap. With Thales Sentinel, we are able to easily implement numerous license types.

Anders Moe

Technical Manager, Geocap
key statistics

Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries across 30 industries.

14 M

Our customers see an average revenue increase of €14 million within the first 3 years of partnering with us.


They also save an average of €700,000 in operational efficiencies.

5 M

Put up to €5 million back on the table every year through our cost-saving and monetization solutions.
Source: Based on business value assessments conducted by Sentinel.

Benefits of Sentinel Rights Management System (RMS)

Enables software and device vendors to enforce complex license agreements, protect software from unauthorized use and maximize revenue.

  • Future-Proof Capabilities: Enables you to expand your licensing capabilities with cloud licensing, usage tracking, and entitlement management.
  • Maximize Revenue with Dynamic and Scalable Licensing: Features the widest range of ready-to-use licensing models to ensure fast time to market and scalability for your products and services. Includes the API Builder to ensure rapid and seamless integration of the licensing API.
  • Streamline Operations: Seamlessly integrates with our software entitlement solution, providing a fully integrated solution and eliminating the need to manage multiple disparate systems and homegrown solutions.

Sentinel RMS Platform Features

Broadest Range of Licensing Models:

Deploy a wide range of licensing models to support all of your business needs, including feature-based, time-based licensing or custom license models.

  • Trial License: Allows running the licensed application for fixed number of days or hours, beginning from the day/hour it is first used. 
  • Standalone licenses: Per seat user license installed locally and tied to the system the licensed application is installed on. Useful for standalone users, such as home-based users.
  • Network licenses: Concurrent user, or "floating" licenses for a network. Provides flexibility, easier administration, and lower costs for users in a network.
  • Cloud-Served licenses: The cloud-served mode is further classified into Cloud-Served (Lease) and Cloud-Served (Connected).
  • Limited-feature licenses: Allows use of only specified features of a product. For example, you can create Full and Light editions of your software for professional and general users, respectively, and price them accordingly.
  • Commuter and repository licenses: For users who often need to run applications outside the network, such as users traveling frequently who require the licensed application on their laptops.
  • Grace licenses: For extended usage during network unavailability.
  • Redundant licenses: For high-assurance during Manager downtime. When the main License Manager is unavailable, the clients are seamlessly transferred to other Managers.
  • Hard limit-based licenses: To restrict the number of users. You can also allow license sharing for more authorizations per token on the basis of user name, host ID, X-display or a custom ID that you specify.
  • Capacity licenses: Specify the number of operations a token user can perform.

Scalable, Cross Platform Interoperability:

Meet any volume of licensing requirements and ensure functionality and operability across different platforms and operating systems. 

  • Parameter Configuration: Define parameters as part of the license, to reduce the configuration of your applications during implementation.
  • Single Code Build: Support multiple features and release versions with a single code build.
  • License Fulfillment: Generate license models at fulfillment for distribution channel with no time-consuming development or configuration.

Flexible Business Models:

  • Pricing Plans: Separate your pricing plans from software to explore new payment plans without any development effort with Sentinel RMS.
  • Usage-based cloud licenses: Deploy to match your pricing models with actual customer value.
  • Recurring Revenue: Drive automated billing based on usage data per feature with RMS management rights.
  • Generate new revenue streams: Leverage new sales opportunities with the RMS 9 application.
  • Secured Licensing: 128-bit AES encryption or RSA-2048 signing.

Reliable Quality of Service:

  • Real-Time Control: Activate and provision entitlements, track usage, and update licenses online or on-premise.
  • Grace Period Licensing™: Ensure uninterrupted user access to your applications in the event of a loss of network connectivity.
  • Redundant Licensing Server: Deliver fail over support and high availability for enterprise customers.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supports all major operating systems and compilers to ensure consistent licensing across all platforms such as Windows rights management downloads.
  • Secured Licensing: Choose any type of security method to protect your products and enforce your software licenses.

Versatile Security Mechanisms:

  • License Enforcement: Bind your applications to an out-of-the-box machine fingerprint, hardware key, or cloud-connected license.
  • Cloud License Security: Deploy a cloud based manager to make sure licenses are not duplicated and out of reach of end users.
  • Custom Lock Codes:  Define a custom lock code to create your own unique locking mechanism.
  • Software Protection:  Safeguard your data and products with Sentinel Envelope multi-layer protection including encryption of runtime executable files, code obfuscation, and anti-debugging.

Protection in Virtual Environments:

Protect against license violations and enforce policies in virtual environments.

  • Virtual Machines: Implement enforcement policies for detected virtual machines.
  • Fingerprint Mechanisms: Provide a high level of assurance for node-locks on virtualized hosts.
  • Usage Reports: Track how many licenses run standalone and in parallel generate billing and usage reports.
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