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Secure Electronic Invoicing


Trust is a critical requirement for the feasibility of electronic invoicing. Digital signatures, powered by encryption and public key infrastructure (PKI), represent the means for establishing secure electronic invoicing. If digital signatures are in any way compromised, the entire electronic invoice infrastructure will be compromised.

Protecting digital signatures from compromise requires a mechanism to secure the cryptographic keys at the heart of the digital signatures themselves. Recognizing this, many organizations use hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect the private keys used in electronic invoicing.

Thales Hardware Security Modules for Electronic Invoicing


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are dedicated systems that physically and logically secure the cryptographic keys that are at the heart of digital signatures.

How HSMs Are Used for Electronic Invoicing:

  • Electronic invoices are digitally signed with a secure private signing key, which requires an HSM capable of performing certificate authority management tasks.
  • The HSM stores the keys within the secure confines of the appliance throughout the key life cycle.
  • The HSM enables the organization to secure digitally certified invoices and to cryptographically bind the identity of the certifying party to the invoice.

By storing cryptographic keys in a centralized, hardened device, HSMs can eliminate the risks associated with having these assets housed on disparate, poorly secured platforms. In addition, this centralization can significantly streamline security administration.

Benefits of Securing Electronic Invoicing with Thales HSMs:

  • Ensure integrity of an invoice
  • Provide non repudiation of receipt and origin
  • Secure electronic tracking and storage
  • Scale to accommodate high volumes of invoices
  • Enhance security and ensure compliance
  • Reduce costs
  • FIPS validated and Common Criteria Certified


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