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CipherTrust Secrets Management

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CipherTrust Secrets Management

CipherTrust Secrets Management (CSM) is a state-of-the-art Secrets Management solution, powered by the Akeyless, which protects and automates access to secrets across DevOps tools and cloud workloads including secrets, credentials, certificates, API keys, and tokens.

Enterprise Secrets Management

Enterprise-ready secrets management provides automatic processes for creating, storing, rotating, and removing secrets. Reduce the potential for human error and consistently enforce security policies across your organization with:

  • Centralized management for all secret types
  • Easy to use for DevSecOps
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) scalability for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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DevOps Tools Integrations

CipherTrust Secrets Management powered by Akeyless easily integrates with other third party applications such as:

  • GitHub
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenShift
  • And many more

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We are pleased to meet our customers growing business needs by offering a single data security platform that can simplify the management of all their sensitive data, improve security and compliance, foster development collaboration, and scale their security infrastructure.

Todd Moore

Vice President of Data Security Products Thales

Comprehensive Data Protection
with Secrets Management in One Tool

Why You'll Love
CipherTrust Secrets Management

Comprehensive data protection in one tool

Centralized management for all secret types

Easy to use, automated functionality for DevSecOps

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CipherTrust Secrets Management Frequently Asked Questions

What are secrets?

Secrets are mission-critical credentials, certificates and keys. These include static secrets, dynamic secrets, SSH keys, API keys and tokens. Top uses cases are:

  • Secrets Store
  • Automated Credential Rotation
  • Secrets Sharing
  • Dynamic, Just-in-Time secret generation and management
  • Logs of secrets use for auditing and compliance

How does CSM work with Akeyless?

CSM is accessible from the CipherTrust Manager dashboard via a tile using the same credentials used to access CipherTrust Manager. This makes getting started with CSM quick and effortless. Just click on the Secrets Management tile, pick the configuration you wish to work with, and you are all set to have control over your secrets!

How does CSM integrate with other clouds and services?

CSM works in hybrid, multi-cloud (all clouds), multi-tenants, on-premises and legacy systems via human or machine access. Third party integrations are also available with GitHub, Kubernetes, OpenShift and more.

Is CSM licensed independently of CipherTrust Manager?

CSM is a separate license purchase from CipherTrust Manager and can be used independently or in combination with a CM license for multifaceted protection for secrets. Both are managed through the central user interface within CipherTrust Manager.