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Cloud Single Sign On (Cloud SSO)

Just one single identity for multiple cloud apps

Access to all Cloud Apps with a Single Identity

Securing and managing cloud identities is central to an enterprise’s IAM strategy. Without a centralized, iterative process for cloud identity management, organizations cannot build a sound cloud adoption strategy. Identity lifecycle management becomes inefficient, password resets lead to high help desk costs, and IT require multiple consoles to troubleshoot users. Plus, compliance risk increases as IT lack visibility into who is accessing what and when.

Cloud single sign on (SSO) offers easy access to cloud applications by letting users log in to all their cloud apps with a single identity—a single username and password set. By maintaining just one identity for all cloud apps, Cloud SSO solutions eliminate password fatigue and lower IT management overheads.

Cloud SSO solutions let users authenticate to their cloud apps just once, removing the need to re-authenticate to each cloud app separately.

What is Cloud SSO and how does it work?

cloud network iconWith SafeNet Trusted Access, cloud SSO is applied intelligently. Each time a user access a cloud app, SafeNet Trusted Access examines the login request, taking into account previous authentications in the same SSO session and the policy requirements specific to the user’s role, app sensitivity and contextual information. In this way, users may authenticate just once in order to access all their cloud apps, or step up authentication if required by the policy.

Smart Single Sign-On with SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Trusted Access offers Smart Single Sign-On, which lets users sign in to all their cloud apps with a single identity, eliminating password fatigue, password resets and lost productivity.

What are the benefits of Cloud Single Sign on?

  • Users – A single credential set for all cloud apps
  • IT – Centralized cloud access management and fewer help desk tickets
  • Security officers – A single audit trail of cloud access events

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2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

SafeNet Trusted Access has been awarded the
Gold 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for
Best Passwordless Solution, Best Multi-Factor Authentication and Best Identity and Access Management

The 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. With over 900 entries in more than 250 award categories, the 2022 Awards program is highly competitive. All winners reflect the very best in innovation and excellence in tackling today’s urgent cybersecurity challenges.

Simplifying cloud access with SSO and contextual authentication - Fact Sheet

Simplifying cloud access with SSO and contextual authentication - Fact Sheet

As enterprises adopt cloud applications, users are plagued with password fatigue--the never-ending burden of creating and maintaining separate identities and passwords for the multiple cloud and web apps they need to access on a daily basis. Adding to the frustration and downtime, when accessing certain resources, users are also required to validate their identities with strong multi-factor authentication, slowing down the access journey even further.

Access Management Risk Assessment

Access Management Risk Assessment

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Simple SSO vs Smart SSO

Access Management Handbook

Access Management Handbook – eBook

Identity and access management key concepts, technologies and standards compiled for you in this Access Management ebook . You will learn: • Authentication and access management differences • How to leverage cloud single sign on (SSO) • Key concepts in Access Management...

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Cloud-based applications play a vital role in fulfilling productivity, operational and infrastructure needs in the enterprise. However, the burden of managing users’ multiple cloud identities grows as more cloud apps are used. Each new service added to an organizations’ cloud...