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Enterprise Key Management

Centralized key management for third-party devices, servers, databases, storage and virtual environments

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It is costly and complex for IT organizations to protect data using multiple encryption technologies across disparate data silos, such as file-servers, databases, virtual environments, and cloud storage. 

Enterprise Key Management solutions from Thales, enable organizations to centrally manage and store cryptographic keys and policies for third-party devices including a variety of KMIP Clients, TDE Agents on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers, and Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) Agents on Linux Servers. CipherTrust Enterprise Key Management delivers a robust, standards-based platform for managing encryption keys to protect data in disparate storage repositories across the enterprise. It simplifies the administrative challenges around encryption key management to ensure that keys are secure and always provisioned to authorized encryption services.

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Unify Key and Certificate Management

Leverage CipherTrust Manager for managing keys for Thales data protection connectors and third-party applications including Microsoft SQL TDE, Oracle TDE, and KMIP-compliant encryption products.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Enterprise Key Management simplifies the process of managing cryptographic keys, enabling security teams to gradually consolidate the management of encryption across the enterprise that can reduce cost of ownership and minimize overall risks.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Minimize key availability and redundancy, leveraging secure replication of keys across multiple appliances with automated backups. Automated alerts help prevent unexpected key expiration.

CipherTrust Manager offers the following Enterprise Key Management solutions.

CipherTrust KMIP Clients:
Centrally manage keys across a variety of KMIP clients.

CipherTrust TDE Key Agents:
Protects data in databases using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Key Agents on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers.

CipherTrust LUKS Agents:
provides transparent data encryption on Linux servers using Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) Agents.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager:
Supports BYOK use-cases by centrally managing keys for multi-cloud environments, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and more.

Secrets Management

  • Opaque Objects, Passwords, X.509 certificates
  • Symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys


  • Secure-web (CipherTrust Platform management console), CLI, REST API
  • Bulk import of digital certificates and encryption keys
  • Command line scripts

Key and Certificate Formats for Search, Alerts, and Reports

  • Symmetric encryption key algorithms: AES (default=128, 192, 256), ARIA), ARIA (default=128, 192, 256)
  • Asymmetric encryption key algorithms: RSA (512, default=1024, 2048, 3072, 4096)
  • Digital certificates (X.509): DER, PEM, PKCS#7, PKCS#8, PKCS#12
  • Go to Supported Key Algorithms for more details

Third-Party Encryption

  • Microsoft SQL TDE, Oracle TDE, IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption, KMIP-clients
  • Partner Categories: Tape Libraries, Enterprise Storage, Efficient Storage, Enterprise Servers, Database Servers, Virtual Environments, Cloud/SaaS, Backup & Recovery
  • Go to CipherTrust Manager Interoperability Overview for detailed list of partners

API Support

  • RESTful, Microsoft Crypto API (MS-CAPI), PKCS#11, OASIS KMIP

Key Availability and Redundancy

  • Secure replication of keys across multiple appliances with automated backups


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