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Go Beyond Terms and Conditions

Licensing is the foundation of nearly every software sale in the world.
See what happens when you bring licensing technology to the forefront of your software lifecycle.

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Accelerate Revenue

And Thrill Your Customers

Sell the way your customers want to consume. Offer subscription capabilities, usage-based billing, hybrid implementations, and more.

Implement agile software licensing and capture more deals — without extra engineering.

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Increase Compliance

Without Harming User Experience

License enforcement shouldn’t be a headache for you or your customers.

Find the right level of enforcement to protect against piracy and keep your honest customers honest.

We help leading providers develop a software ecosystem and transform their offering.


Easier Licensing Drives Michelin’s Software-Led Growth

You know Michelin as the people who make your car’s tires. What you may not know is that Michelin, which is known around the world for physical products such as tires for everything from bicycles to space shuttles, is moving towards software-led revenue.

We've set up thousands of licensing systems.

We can help you realize your vision.

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Unlock flexible pricing and packaging

Monetize anything and grow revenue using sentinel’s catalog of pre-built license models. Offer subscription, usage-based contracts, software trials, token licensing, and more. Easy to configure. Simple to scale.

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Transform legacy software

Layer cutting-edge capabilities on top of existing on-premises software. Users enjoy a SaaS experience ⁠— instant updates, subscription pricing, and flexible access. You gain a much-improved offering. All without re-engineering your offering.

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Implement security gates or guardrails

Adjustable security puts you in control over access to your software. Use licensing APIs to leverage robust locking and protect against piracy. Protect your IP with advanced code obfuscation.

Prevent software over-use

Control access to your products or features by binding your software applications to pre-defined licensing rules and policies. Make sure you get paid for what your customers use.

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Standardize implementations across product lines

License tools and APIs for any software. Desktop, on-premises, embedded, SaaS, cloud-connected, and hardware-based.


Effortless Integrations

Sentinel licensing tools seamlessly integrate with your back office ecosystem.
It's easy with pre-built connectors and low-code integrations.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Zuora
  • Salesforce

Software-driven revenue is the future.

Get on board today.

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Learn how to effectively monetize your product or service so you can grow profit at scale

Establishing a strong monetization infrastructure today will power your growth for years to come.
Learn how licensing, entitlements, and software security helps you increase revenue without R&D investment.

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