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We can help you build trusted identity and access management for customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and more.

Identity is at the heart of every interaction

From the moment we engage with a platform or service, our identity shapes the experience: how we're recognized, the level of personalization we receive, and the trust we place in the interaction. That’s why Thales is committed to providing you with everything necessary to manage identities successfully.

Thales’ Identity and Access Management solutions ensure the right individuals have access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. We’re here to deliver the expertise, capabilities, and support you need to make IAM processes straightforward, frictionless, and more dependable.


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We’re excited to be an Identity Trailblazer

Thales is proud to have been named a winner in the Identity Trailblazer category at the 2024 Microsoft Security Excellence Awards in recognition of our innovative IAM solutions.

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Securely connecting people to data and applications

Danny de Vreeze

Identity is the cornerstone of trust in today's digital world. It's about ensuring that every interaction is secure, personalized, transparent, and seamless. Without it, the digital ecosystem cannot thrive."
Danny de Vreeze VP Identity and Access Management Thales
How Thales Can Help

Drive the right balance of security and convenience

Thales offers comprehensive Identity and Access Management solutions designed to securely manage and authenticate the identities of individuals accessing digital services. Our people and technologies provide organizations with capabilities needed to improve user experiences, build customer trust, and modernize identity administration.


Improve user experience and security with modern authentication

Improve user convenience with frictionless log in and account creation. Strengthen security and ensure compliance with additional or step-up authentication methods.

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Build customer trust

Orchestrate customer journeys with personalization and compliance at the forefront. Build rich customer profiles in a non-invasive matter. Foster customer trust – and loyalty – by showing them your commitment to protecting their privacy and digital space.

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Modernize your authorization and Identity administration

Streamline access control, enforce consistent authorization policies, and fortify API security to drive seamless digital growth.


See how we can help you secure identities

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Thales’ service has been top-notch. They have proved themselves to be dependable, supportive experts on the subject of authentication. They fit in well with our aim to lead the way in our industry.”
Irma de Puijker Head of Automation Philadelphia Care Foundation Read our Case Studies

Explore our IAM suite of products

    OneWelcome Identity Platform

    The OneWelcome Identity Platform empowers organizations with a versatile set of identity applications suitable for a wide range of use cases, including customer, partner, and supplier identities. Identity apps can be mixed and matched to help you achieve your IAM objectives quickly and with less complexity.

    The platform supports various authentication methods FIDO2 passkeys, hardware tokens, smart cards, and software authenticators, ensuring secure access across different environments and devices.

    Access Management Integrations



    Thales Authenticators address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors, leveraging both current and emerging protocols (OTP, PKI, FIDO) as well as multiple form factors (hardware and virtual smart cards and tokens, software and mobile authenticators).

    SafeNet Trusted Access

    SafeNet Trusted Access, our cloud-based workforce IAM service, will help you deliver intuitive and secure authentication journeys. Accelerate your cloud transformation, secure hybrid infrastructures, reduce the risk of shadow IT, and make work life easier.

    SafeNet Trusted Access


    SafeNet Authentication Server

    SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition (SAS PCE) is an on-premises authentication platform making authentication easy and cost effective to implement and manage. Our approach has been to design a solution which takes away many of the traditional pain points in authentication.


    Thales helps banks take advantage of their ongoing digital transformation by ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance. IdCloud – now part of the OneWelcome Identity Platform – is a suite of cloud-based managed services that enable FIs to combine identity proofing, strong customer authentication (SCA), and risk management to secure onboarding and access to digital banking services.