Thales Sentinel: Software Monetization and Licensing

Protect your software and propel revenue.



The world’s leading software monetization, licensing and entitlements platform, backed by Thales’ security.

Thousands of leaders across industries including Telecom, Cybersecurity, Industrial Automation, MedTech, IoT, LegalTech, CAD, and AI use Thales Sentinel to maximize revenue from their software.

30+ Years of Experience

  • Software Monetization
  • Licensing & Protection
  • Digital Transformation

450 Experts Worldwide

  • 200+ Engineering
  • 30+ Professional Services
  • 30+ Technical Support






301% ROI in 5 years

Reported by Sentinel platform customers in a Thales-commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. The study found that the platform paid for itself in just 12 months on average.

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Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform


Thales Sentinel enables you to protect and grow revenue.

Entitlement Management

Software Licensing

Provide Copy Protection and IP Protection

Stop piracy, block hackers and crackers, and protect your secret sauce with advanced technology.

Control Access

Avoid revenue leakage due to accidental or deliberate misuse and overuse by enforcing licensing terms and conditions.

Software Monetization

Diversify Revenue Streams

Use an entitlement management system to set up customer-centric product bundles. Configure pricing and packaging tailored to your target markets.

Transform Business Models

Evolve your software business models to ensure sales growth and operational efficiency across business lines and distribution types.

License Management

We are spending a lot less time managing licensing matters now … We have more time to develop other innovative features for our solution."
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How to Get Software Licensing & Entitlements Right

Check out our practical guide to navigating the process of licensing, delivering, and protecting your software. Discover the importance of optimizing your software licensing. Avoid common mistakes with the expertise you need to get it right the first time.

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How to Get Software Licensing & Entitlements Right

Benefits of Thales Sentinel

Thales Sentinel is the platform for enterprise software vendors who seek to maximize market reach while licensing their offerings. Sentinel’s success has six pillars:


Grow at Scale

Implement recurring revenue with agile pricing and packaging for diverse targets, for direct and partner distributions.


Secure Your Software

Maintain your competitive edge to protect against piracy and safeguard intellectual property.


Expand Market Share

Implement unique product packaging and pricing to attract new customers.


Streamline Fulfillment

Alleviate operational complexities by integrating with your ecosystem’s backend, including legacy licensing.


Deploy Flexibly

Distribute licenses via the cloud, on-prem, or on hardware keys for software that is hardware-embedded, on-prem or SaaS.


Harness Data Insights

Proactively upsell packages, renew subscriptions and increase customer satisfaction based on usage data.

With options like hardware key, software, and cloud licensing, Sentinel has a solution for every use case. We also implemented Sentinel monetize specific features in our offerings.”
Don Nutter Engineering Director A&D View More Stories
Thales has played a vital role in protecting the core technology of our AI solution…"
Minhong Jang Co-founder & Chief Business Officer Lunit View More Stories

Partnering with You

Software vendors choose Sentinel as much for Thales’ support partnership as for the technology. The Thales PTS (Premium Technical Services) is a Thales cornerstone, serving an advisory role based on longstanding expertise for collaborative, innovative solutions that accelerate software deployment, enable monetization, and continually optimize your customer lifestyle.

    Determine business model pricing and packaging, and license delivery method.

    Configure packaging features and other entitlements.

    Provide the software to the customer and automate delivery.

    Harness usage data to bolster your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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