Data Security Solutions

Data Security Solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thales enterprise data protection solutions for both SaaS providers and enterprise SaaS consumers help accelerate SaaS adoption and Cloud migration

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We are living in a multi-SaaS world! According to a Thales 2023 Cloud Security Study, enterprises use, on average, 97 SaaS apps, as more and more are switching over from their legacy in-house applications. While the benefits of SaaS are manifold, enterprise SaaS consumers require comprehensive security, often based on compliance mandates, for their sensitive data stored in SaaS clouds.

Consequently, enterprise SaaS consumers increasingly rely on their respective SaaS providers to ensure that their customer and business-critical data stored and processed in those SaaS apps is secure and protected from attack.

Thales helps both SaaS providers as well as enterprise SaaS consumers secure their digital transformations by offering data encryption and key management solutions that gives users confidence that their sensitive data stored in SaaS clouds is protected and under their control.

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SaaS Providers

Cloud Security Responsibilities

If you hold anyone's sensitive data, you're partially responsible for it. You face compliance mandates for data protection such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and state data breach notification laws.

Your Customers and Prospects Have the Questions

You're likely to be handed the Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire, or CAIQ, which includes queries such as:

  • Do you have procedures in place to protect against unauthorized access to system resources?
  • Do you have platform and data appropriate encryption that uses open/validated formats and standard algorithms?
  • Are your encryption keys maintained by the cloud consumer or a trusted key management provider?
  • Do you support secure deletion (e.g., degaussing/cryptographic wiping) of archived and backed-up data as determined by the tenant?

You Need to Have the Security Solutions

Avoid breach notifications and have the SaaS security solutions your customer and prospects require to meet their policy and compliance needs.


SaaS Consumers

Questions you need to ask:

  • Does any data you are uploading to your SaaS provider include personally-identifiable information (PII)?
  • Are you in an industry with data security mandate for which compliance extends to SaaS applications?
  • Is your data being encrypted?
  • Do you control the encryption keys?
  • Do you know what questions to ask SaaS providers about data security?

Even if your SaaS provider has assured you that they are encrypting your data, here are a few critical questions you still need to ask:

  • Is there a unique encryption key per customer? 
  • Do you have key management procedures? Is there risk of key loss?
  • Can I control the keys to my data?

These questions represent security best practices. Please refer to the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix.

Data Compliance in SaaS Environments

It’s easy to forget that you are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with data privacy and protection mandates, regardless of data location. So when you consider SaaS solutions, make sure your SaaS provider offers the same controls you employ in your own data centers. If your SaaS provider cannot, find one who can.

Industry Best Practice Resources for learning about SaaS data security

Don't just take our word regarding best practices for data security and key management for Cloud and SaaS. Join the Cloud Security Alliance LinkedIn Group. Please refer to the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix. Give your SaaS providers the Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire so that you can consistently compare SaaS provider security offerings.

Thales helps SaaS organizations move past silos of encryption and crypto management solutions to attain central and uniform deployments of data security solutions and prepare your organization for the next security challenge and new compliance requirements at the lowest TCO.

For both SaaS providers and enterprise SaaS consumers, Thales Data Security products and offerings deliver value to you and your customers, and help accelerate SaaS revenue growth.

Peace of Mind

Thales solutions help deliver Peace of Mind. As a SaaS consumer, selecting the right SaaS providers who protect and give you control of your data, gives you the assurance you need to sleep well at night. As a SaaS provider, you want your customers to have full confidence in your data protection offerings.


Thales solutions help both SaaS providers and consumers on regulatory compliance with the relevant Data Security, Cloud Security, Data Privacy and Data Sovereignty regulatory frameworks. 


Leveraging Thales solutions, SaaS providers can enable SaaS consumers to be in control of their data in SaaS clouds.

Efficiency and Operational Resilience

Thales solutions help achieve operational efficiencies by automating SaaS data protection lifecycle management, via a common set of APIs across clouds and a user-friendly interface with a single pane of glass view.

Multi Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Support

Leveraging Thales solutions, both SaaS providers and consumer can maximize their Choice of Cloud. And choose deployment of SaaS data security solutions across any combination of public clouds or private/on-prem infrastructure, as well as hybrid deployment scenarios.

Click-and-Deploy Data Security

Thales solutions help enable convenient deployment of best-in-class encryption and key management services — making security simpler, more cost effective, and easier to manage.