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Luna HSM Hybrid Solutions: Flexible HSM deployment options in the cloud, on-premises or across hybrid environments

Did you know, Thales Luna HSMs can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, as a service, or across multiple environments to create a purpose-built hybrid HSM solution?

Thales Luna HSMs have lead the market for more than 25 years, and are the foundation of digital trust for traditional and emerging technologies across all environments.

Choose the HSM to Meet Your Needs

Benefit from a common architecture across all Luna HSMs. Perform the same crypto, leverage the same integrations, APIs, mechanisms and authentication methods, eliminate the need to design applications around a specific HSM; and have the flexibility to move keys from form-factor to form-factor, wherever you may need them.

Thales Luna HSM Hybrid Solution Benefits:


  • A high assurance FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-3 Level 3 validated root of trust for any use case, any application, any industry and any environment.


  • A common architecture across all Luna HSMs — whether they are deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both — ensures your critical infrastructures are protected with a strong foundation of digital trust that’s certified and crypto agile.


  • Simplify integration and deployment with a wide variety of APIs, flexible deployment options and superior performance — you can quickly secure hundreds of applications with our out-of-the-box technology partner integrations.

Flexible Deployment Options – Including the Ability to Migrate Environments in the Future

  • Have the flexibility to meet your business and compliance needs securely and efficiently.
  • Move keys freely for cloning, backup and scaling between environments.
  • Easily manage Luna HSMs on-premises and Luna Cloud HSMs and automatically share key material across all environments.

Different Billing Models to Suit Your Business Needs

  • Build a solution that meets your unique business and budget requirements with various deployment and billing models.

Luna Hsm Hybrid Solutions

Example Luna HSM Hybrid Solution Use Cases

  • Secure Backup: Thales offers flexible options to help maintain business continuity, with offline backup HSM and cloud backup HSM solutions. You can backup on-premises Luna HSM hardware to a dedicated Luna Cloud HSM backup service available in Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD). Backups are encrypted before being transferred to the cloud backup service (DPoD), ensuring Thales doesn’t have access to your key material. You can also backup encryption keys from the Luna Cloud HSM to a dedicated Luna Backup HSM that is stored in a fire safe or similar secure location on-premises ensuring you always have a secure copy of your encryption keys.
  • DevOps: Be up and running quickly by using the Luna Cloud HSM for development and test environments and a physical HSM for production. You can seamlessly switch to the on-premises Luna HSM for production with the use of the Thales Universal HSM Client which gives a single point of integration.
  • Hybrid HSM Solution Between Different Business Locations: Luna HSM hybrid capabilities allow different instances of the same application to talk to different HSM infrastructures, while still keeping encryption keys synchronized. Both Luna HSMs (on-premises and cloud) can be used for bursting of applications between cloud and on-premises to help with peak performance requirements, enabling effective workload distribution.
  • Using On-Premises HSMs Combined with Cloud HSMs: Luna HSM hybrid capabilities allow you to reduce your total on-premises footprint, while utilizing a cloud instance to maintain fault tolerance with a 99.95% SLA. All Luna HSMs can be used as a standby in case one HSM becomes unavailable, optimizing performance and maintaining SLAs.

Luna HSM Hybrid Solutions – Providing You with Peace of Mind

Whether you’re using an HSM on-premises or in the cloud, your critical keys are always securely stored in FIPS validated HSMs helping to reduce risks, maintain SLAs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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