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The cloud offers organizations many benefits including scalability, cost-savings and improved collaboration. However, data breaches in and from the cloud are a real risk due to operational complexity caused by using many cloud providers.

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How Thales Can Help

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Simplify your cloud security

With a centralized approach capable of protecting and controlling access to your data across all cloud environments. Rely on Thales to help you take control of your cloud security.
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Increase operational efficiencies

Our platforms can be used to simplify data security operations with centralized control, data protection and access management to your cloud environments.
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Be agile with efficient control

Data breaches in, and from, the cloud are a risk and as every cloud provider operates differently, a centralized approach to data security can deliver efficiencies and agility.

Thales Cloud Security Solutions

Resources to Help You Take Control

Multicloud Data Security Strategies

Multicloud Data Security Strategies

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451 Research: Native vs. Third Party: Who Should Deliver Cloud Security?

451 Research: “Native vs. Third Party: Who Should Deliver Cloud Security?”

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4 Steps to Cloud Access Management - eBook

4 Steps to Cloud Access Management - eBook

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Analyst Insight on Cloud Security

Gartner Report: Select the Right Key Management as a Service to Mitigate Data Security and Privacy Risks in the Cloud

“According to Gartner, by 2024, the increasing impact of international data residency and privacy requirements will result in more than 40% of organizations adopting multicloud KMaaS over native cloud service provider KMaaS, up from less than 10% today.”

This report explains the scenarios of when organizations must review whether the protection and key management provided by each cloud service provider is adequate or should be integrated with, or replaced by, multicloud KMaaS vendor products.


Flexibility meets security with AWS External Key Store

Maximize choice from a single console, manage Native, BYOK, HYOK keys across clouds.

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How Thales Can Help Secure Your Data in Any Cloud

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Additional cloud resources and offerings

2022 Thales Cloud Security Study

As more data is stored across multiple cloud providers, surveyed companies continue to report issues with cloud data breaches and failed audits. Attacks targeting cloud resources are also on the rise, and enterprises need help understanding what threats to be concerned about and how to protect against them. 

Thales Helps One Of India’s Largest Private Banks Streamline Key Management Across Multiple Cloud Services

The organization is one of India’s leading private banks providing an array of diverse financial products and services to over 43 million customers.

Luna Key Broker for Microsoft Double Key Encryption (DKE)

Today’s remote working environment relies heavily on the collaborative sharing of information, challenging organizations to maintain the security of confidential data and regulatory compliance while driving employee productivity. 

The Case for Centralized Multicloud Key Lifecycle Management

Cloud consumption trends including multicloud consumption, growing amounts of data stored in the cloud with a significant portion being sensitive, and the realization that encryption is the best way to protect it, lead to an increasing number of data encryption keys across multiple clouds. 

Owning your own Access Security

The latest cybersecurity incidents affecting government agencies and organizations as well as large enterprises around the world, who have invested heavily in digital and cloud initiatives, have demonstrated the urgent need for a different approach to security. 

Your Data. Their Cloud. Leveraging the Cloud without Relinquishing Control

This white paper looks at the factors driving the need to expand the use of cloud services, the critical security, privacy, and compliance objectives that organizations must address, and the core security capabilities required to leverage the cloud without relinquishing control.

Hybrid Thales Luna HSM Solution

As your organization embraces digital transformation, you need the flexibility to choose the right solutions to meet your business needs across on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid environments, without being tied to a particular platform, solution or vendor. 

Your Data. Their Cloud.

Data security in cloud computing: Your data - their cloud security model, is a way for organizations to take control of security of their data, in the cloud.