BYOI and Social Login

Simplify the login process and achieve frictionless authentication journeys.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Authentication

Traditional authentication methods often present hurdles, such as cumbersome and lengthy registration processes. Friction at login can lead to lost opportunities for customer engagement, hindered collaboration with partners, and even reduced productivity among employees. BYOI and Social Login eliminate the need for lengthy forms, enabling swift access with just a few clicks. By integrating these capabilities into your authentication framework, you're not only streamlining the login process but also enriching user engagement.

User Experience

Improve user experience

Reduce friction and encourage continuous engagement by offering seamless access.

Centralize Access and Identity Governance

Simplify password and account management

Minimize the burden of managing multiple accounts and passwords and make it easy for users to log in from different devices.

Simplify Administration and Reduce Overheads

Avoid registration abandonment

Simplify your site’s registration processes and allow users to sign up in seconds.

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What are BYOI and Social Login?

Social login and BYOI (sometimes referred to as BYOID or federated authentication) empower users to effortlessly log in to your platform using their existing credentials from various sources, including social media accounts, email providers, or third-party identity platforms.

Let’s explore these concepts individually:


    • Enables authentication using credentials from diverse sources like accounts, email providers, or third-party identity platforms.
    • Offers users flexibility in selecting their preferred identity provider for a personalized authentication experience.
    • Emphasizes user autonomy and convenience by allowing individuals to use existing accounts without creating new ones for each service or platform.

    Social Login

    • Enables access to websites or applications using existing social media credentials (e.g., Facebook, Google, X, Apple, LinkedIn).
    • Utilizes OAuth or OpenID Connect protocols for authentication, granting limited user information access with consent.
    • Commonly streamlines registration and login processes, minimizing user friction for a seamless onboarding experience

    How BYOI and Social Login Works

    Integrating BYOID and Social Login into your Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes provides a solution for managing user identities across various channels, decentralizes identity governance. There are three layers contributing to the process:

    User Initiation

    Users initiate the authentication process by selecting their preferred identity provider or opting for BYOID.


    The platform redirects users to the chosen identity provider, where they authenticate themselves using their credentials.


    Upon successful authentication, the identity provider sends back relevant user information to your platform, granting access based on predefined authorization rules.


    22% of consumers

    abandon frustrating online experiences within a minute, citing password resets and re-entering information as top frustrations

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    Simplify registration and login processes for customers, driving higher conversion rates and fostering brand loyalty through seamless experiences.

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    B2B & 3rd Parties

    Facilitate secure access for business partners and third-party vendors, enabling collaboration while simplifying credential management for the end user.

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    Frequently asked questions

      The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform supports BYOID and social login by integrating with external identity providers and authentication protocols like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Users can bring their existing credentials from trusted identity providers or authenticate using their social media accounts such as Facebook, X or Google. Our solution verifies these credentials securely, allowing users to access applications without creating new accounts. User consent and privacy are ensured, with IAM systems obtaining necessary permissions for accessing user information.

      We employ industry-leading authentication protocols such as OAuth to securely verify user identities without compromising sensitive information. Additionally, our system adheres to strict data privacy standards, ensuring that only essential information required for authentication, such as email addresses and basic profile details, is exchanged between the identity provider and our platform. With robust encryption and continuous monitoring, we mitigate risks associated with unauthorized access and data breaches, providing peace of mind to both you and your users.