Consent and Preference Management

Gain customer loyalty by building – and maintaining – customer trust

Generate trust in the most visible manner

Fostering trust in a privacy-centric world is challenging. While generating rich data is essential, it can often be perceived negatively by users. However, by prioritizing transparency, empowering users with complete data control, and demonstrating a commitment to privacy through robust consent and preference management, you can lay a foundation of trust from the very first interaction.

Easily manage user consent

Easily manage user consent

Maintain and store a track record of customer consent effortlessly.

Employ consumer preferences with transparency

Employ consumer preferences with transparency

Seamlessly integrate the data conversation into the customer journey at the right time

Maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

Ensure continuous adherence to customer consent and preferences with always-on compliance.

Need help managing consent and preference at scale?

87% of consumers

demand basic data privacy rights, including being informed of data collection and the right to data erasure

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What is Consent and Preference Management?

Consent and Preference Management is an app exclusive to the OneWelcome Identity Platform, dedicated to empowering users to maintain control over their data preferences during interactions with a brand. The identity app is centered around respecting individual data choices, enabling users to actively manage their preferences, and exert influence over how their data is handled.

In addition, it ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, thereby fostering trust through transparent handling of user data in accordance with their preferences.


How Does Consent and Preference Management Work?

The Consent and Preference Identity App serves as a powerful tool for organizations to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to build more trustworthy relationships by prioritizing transparency, user empowerment, and compliance. By seamlessly integrating consent mechanisms into the identity lifecycle processes, this identity app ensures that the data conversation is brought to the forefront of the user's experience. Through intuitive self-service features, users gain the ability to manage their consent and preference settings with ease.

There is no other CIAM product that manages consent and privacy like Thales’
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    Frequently asked questions

      Organizations should consider factors such as robust data security measures, seamless integration with existing systems, user-friendly interface for optimal user experience, scalability to accommodate growth.

      Our experts plan the integration for minimal disruption; however, some adjustments to business flows and applications might be necessary.

      Yes. Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform is based on a modular structure where individual apps (capabilities) can be purchased separately. The Consent and Preference management module can be utilized as a standalone capability.