User Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate frictionless, trusted, secure identity and access journeys

Deliver tailored user journeys based on individual needs

In today's digital landscape, business success depends on utilizing user-friendly, secure, and compliant tools to offer seamless digital journeys for end-users, whether they're end customers, business partners, or employees. As a modular solution of the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform, User Journey Orchestration allows you to orchestrate frictionless and trusted experiences across the entire identity lifecycle.

Personalize user experiences with a no-code solution

Personalize user experiences with a no-code/low-code solution

Automate user journeys and configure identity workflows tailored towards specific user groups.

Drive conversion rates up

Drive conversion rates up

Convert prospects to customers and optimize user experience to boost conversion rates.

Improve security

Improve security while complying with regulations

Ensure adherence to regulations in every digital journey, all while mitigating risks.

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Case Study

Unifying the customer experience in a fragmented insurance landscape

To improve the user experience for both their B2C and B2B customers, a.s.r. embarked on a mission to deliver a seamless customer journey across all their insurance brands.

Unifying customer experience

How does User Journey Orchestration work?

User Journey Orchestration allows you to use pre-designed flows based on CIAM best practices, or build your customized flow based on your individual needs. It enables the modeling of interactions throughout the user's lifecycle, encompassing activities like registration, validation, authentication, gradual profile building (progressive profiling), and consent management.

In addition, the app mitigates risks by detecting suspicious activity at the most critical moments.

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    Create frictionless and secure access for your customers

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    Third-Party Identities

    Streamline access and collaboration across your entire B2B ecosystem

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    Modular Solutions for IAM with OneWelcome Identity Platform

    Modular Solutions for IAM with OneWelcome Identity Platform

    User Journey Orchestration is one of the many identity apps within the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform. This platform has been designed to be modular. You can add any of these modules to your existing IAM platform, or they can be mixed-and-matched to help you achieve your IAM objectives faster, with a lot less complexity.

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    User Journey Orchestration empowers you to create optimized digital experiences for user onboarding, login, MFA, consent management, and more, balancing user convenience with security and compliance through dynamic, context-aware journeys.
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    Frequently asked questions

      The User Journey Orchestration app is a low-code solution, offering you faster out-of-the-box implementation. The exact timeline might depend on your current IT infrastructure or IAM strategy.

      The User Journey Orchestration app includes over twenty building blocks that you can arrange into sequences as needed to create customized user journeys.

      You can configure your user journeys to match each of your brand’s individual styles. Meanwhile, you get a single profile of the customer who traverses across your brands.

      Leading global enterprises rely on Thales' User Journey Orchestration capabilities to orchestrate digital and privacy-first customer experiences. Our cloud-native identity platform offers a flexible, future-proof solution built on industry best practices and the utmost standards of security and performance.