Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform

Every digital interaction begins with identity. We can help you build trusted identity and access management for customers, business interactions, gig-workers and employees.

Maximize IAM flexibility

Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform is a unified, flexible platform that manages all your use cases for Consumer (B2C), Business (B2B), Gig Worker and Workforce/Employee Identities.

This core platform can be expanded with a range of identity apps that combine to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Protect any type of identity

    Customer Identities

    Create frictionless, secure and privacy protected access for your customers.

    Learn more about B2C IAM

    B2B and Third-Party Identities

    Seamlessly manage access for external partners and vendors, fostering collaboration without compromising security. 

    Learn more about B2B IAM

    Gig Worker Identities

    Enable simple, secure access for your gig workers, contractors, seasonal staff, and guest users.

    Learn more about Gig Worker IAM

    Workforce Identities

    Enable your workforce to thrive with secure access to all apps with authentication everywhere.

    Learn more about Workforce IAM
    Organizations anywhere that want a CIAM solution with an emphasis on regulatory compliance should have Thales OneWelcome on their shortlist for evaluation."
    John Tolbert Director of Cybersecurity Research and Lead Analyst KuppingerCole Analysts Read the Report

    How Thales Can Help

    Drive the right balance of security and convenience

    Thales offers comprehensive Identity and Access Management solutions designed to securely manage and authenticate the identities of individuals accessing digital services. Our people and technologies provide organizations with capabilities needed to improve user experiences, build customer trust, and modernize identity administration.


    Improve user experience and security with modern authentication

    Improve user convenience with frictionless log in and account creation. Strengthen security and ensure compliance with additional or step-up authentication methods.

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    Build customer trust

    Orchestrate customer journeys with personalization and compliance at the forefront. Build rich customer profiles in a non-invasive matter. Foster customer trust – and loyalty – by showing them your commitment to protecting their privacy and digital space.

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    Modernize your authorization and Identity administration

    Streamline access control, enforce consistent authorization policies, and fortify API security to drive seamless digital growth.

    Owned certifications and standards

    Trust is the foundation for successful partnerships. Thales OneWelcome is certified for the following industry-standards and certifications.



    CSA Trusted Cloud Provider

    FSQS NL-2


    22% of consumers

    abandon frustrating online experiences within a minute, citing password resets and re-entering information as top frustrations

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