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Software Licensing Basics

Learn the basics of software licensing: Protect the value of your software and make it work for you. Then find out how you can increase efficiency, revenue, insights, and customer satisfaction with your business.  

Discover all the software licensing basics, such as different licensing models, cloud and hybrid licensing models, dongle security, and the impact of digital transformation on companies.  Explore all about the different license types and types of software license agreements, as well as licensing management and information about independent software vendors.



SaaS Licensing

IT Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Software Piracy

Software License Agreements


Digital Transformation

Software Licensing Management

Types of Software Licenses

Types of Software Models

Commercial Licenses

Open Source Software Licenses

Software License Tracking

Packaging Software

Software Service Level Agreement

Software License Renewal

Software License Audit

Operational Efficiency

Advantages of Software Licensing

Best Software Licensing Tools

Application Hardening

Software Back Office Automation

Software License Server

Enterprise Software License

Modernize Enterprise IT

Proprietary Software License

Software Subscription License

Concurrent Software License

Floating Software License

Perpetual License

SaaS Pricing Models

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategies

Cloud Based Software License

Software Piracy

License Compliance Management

Software Copy Protection

Software Security Solutions


Growth Analysis of the Global Software License Management Market - Report

Growth Analysis of the Global Software License Management Market - Report

Growth opportunity analysis of the Global Software License Management Market shows continual demand for SaaS products which creates need for entitlement management.

casio case study

Create New Revenues with Flexible Licensing Options - Casio Case Study

Casio Creates New Ways to License and Monetize its Software using Thales SentinelA worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions, Casio has introduced digitalization in its business, starting with software licensing model for its renowned...