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Encrypt Everything, Everywhere

Thales data encryption products reduce enterprise time and cost to implement best practices for data security and compliance on-premises and across clouds. Learn how to control sensitive data and address your unique security and compliance requirements in data center, cloud, big data, and containers as well as other virtual environments.

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Operational Simplicity

Centralized policy and encryption key management to assure control of your data across every physical and virtual server on and off your premises.

Minimize Risk

Meet compliance and best practice requirements for protecting data from external threats or malicious insiders with proven, high-performance and scalable data encryption.

Security Agility

Quickly address new data security requirements and compliance mandates by having an encryption solution in place ready and able to encrypt everything.


Data encryption, user and process access controls, logs, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria compliant key management, strong administration policies all contribute to effectively satisfying compliance mandates and regulation requirements.

Cloud Security

Confidently move workloads to the cloud and hosted environments knowing that your data remains in your control through data encryption and key management.

Database Security

Encrypt data, control privileged user access, and collect security intelligence logs across your heterogeneous collection of database and big data environments with Thales data-at-rest data encryption security solutions.

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