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trainingThales’s Cloud Protection and Licensing solutions allow organizations to enhance network access security, strengthen VPN security for remote access, protect data and keys on local and remote computers, and simplify password management and protection — all with the industry's broadest range of authenticators, management platforms, appliances and security applications.

For each product or solution, an introductory session is provided, followed by a guided lab session in which the student installs and configures the product(s). Certification is granted after completing the course and passing the relevant certification exam.

To register to a specific certification course please visit our calendar here.

Access Management & Authentication Certification Courses

The Authentication Certification courses provide students with all the tools needed to install and support the eToken product suite, SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) and Thales Authentication Service (TAS) authentication services. As part of the curriculum, participants will learn how to integrate Thales’s authentication products into existing environments and set up secure identity access solutions using these products.

These courses are designed to cover the most relevant topics related to the implementation and deployment of Thales’s authentication solutions. The obtained knowledge is practiced and deepened through practical exercises in hands-on sessions.

  • Thales PKI Certification

    The Thales PKI Certification Course is aligned with all of our PKI product releases and supported solutions.

    This course focuses on the Thales tokens, IDPrime MD smart cards, middleware and management systems. The course sessions cover Thales Authentication Client (TAC), vSEC:CMS and different authentication schemes.

    Through the lab sessions, students will practice various security solutions and certificate-based authentication, enrolling software and hardware authenticators and more.
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  • Cloud Authentication - SafeNet Trusted Access (STA)

    This three-day certification training is a comprehensive course focusing on our authentication server and our access management solutions provided as SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) services.

    In the three-day training, students participate in theoretical discussion and lab sessions, while acquiring a practical understanding of how to deploy STA cloud services and manage the solution.
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  • SAS SPE/PCE Advanced Certification Course

    The SAS SPE/PCE Certification Course is targeted at engineers who have completed the STA Cloud Authentication Certification course.

    In this advanced, three-day training, students will focus on setting up the SAS PCE/SPE (on premise) server, organization and user management, solution integrations, server replication, and troubleshooting skills. The majority of this course consists of hands-on and lab practice.
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Hardware Security Module (HSM) Certification Courses

Thales’s Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for applications, transactions and information assets by securing cryptographic keys. HSMs are the fastest, most secure and easiest application security solution to integrate for enterprise and government organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of legal liability and improve profitability.

  • Payment HSM - payShield Certification Course

    The Thales payShield Certification Course is a classroom training that provides an overview of how the payShield 10000 hardware security module (HSM) is used in a banking environment.

    A detailed understanding of how to operate the HSM and carry out key management duties.

    In this training, students will develop the knowledge and practical skill needed to set up, deploy and maintain payShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and maximize the value of these devices for your organization. In hands-on sessions, you will master common installation and administration tasks that prepare you to set up, use and manage payShield HSM devices in your own environment - from taking the device out of the box to configuring a fully functional system. Topics include configuration, installation, key management, smart card management, disaster recovery and maintenance. payShield Manager & payShield Monitor are also part of this course.

    Designed for system administrators and application developers with a basic understanding of cryptography and key management, this class covers the role played by the payShield family of payment HSMs in securing transactions for financial applications along with best practices for rolling out these devices in your organization.
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  • DPoD (Data Protection on Demand) Certification Course

    The Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) certification course provides a full overview of the platform, whether you are a service provider or a local administrator for your organization. In this training you will learn about the DPoD marketplace, the different use cases, success stories and integrations supported by the platform.

    The course also provides a deeper dive into the technology behind DPoD, showcasing the different mechanism for enabling advanced features such as high availability, backup, logging and user management. If you are interested in migrating existing cryptographic data to or from DPoD you will find the necessary information in this training as well.

    This certification course also includes various labs for different user roles to help you better understand the operation and maintenance revolving around the DPoD platform.
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  • General Purpose HSM Certification Course

    The General Purpose HSM Certification course focuses on the main HSM types in use, and in particular, the Thales Luna Network HSM 7. The theoretical part of this course focuses on product description, solution architecture, deployment, and maintenance, while the practical sessions include product administration, integration, and troubleshooting. These are all hands-on sessions in which a Luna 7 HSM is installed and configured to demonstrate a working solution. Certification is granted after completing the course and passing the relevant certification exam.
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  • Luna EFT HSM Certification Course

    The Luna EFT HSM provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified physical and logical protection to the cryptographic keys used to secure financial transactions. As a PCI-certified HSM, Luna EFT adheres to the highest level of security in the industry.
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    This course provides the student with the basics needed to install and integrate a Luna EFT HSM, as well as practical exercises in hands-on sessions. The course focuses on the setup of the Luna EFT appliance, EMV regulations support, and advanced options.

  • ProtectServer 2 Certification Course

    The ProtectServer 2 certification course is targeted towards an audience eager to learn how to work with Thales’s ProtectServer platform. Starting from basic configuration and administration and building your way up to understand how to perform more complex operations and integrations, along with learning about and experimenting with functionality modules (Please note: this training does not cover coding tutorials on how to build FMs). You will learn more about the eco-system the ProtectServer lives in, how to operate the different toolkits for various environments (C, Microsoft, etc) and experience the simulation platform of ProtectServer.
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Data Encryption and Control Certification Courses

Thales’s Data Encryption and Control solutions focus on data - providing persistent protection of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, wherever it resides.

Information is protected at every moment - when it is created by an employee on a company laptop, shared with a business partner via email, stored in an enterprise database, processed by an application, or accessed by a field employee on a mobile device. Security extends from the data center and cloud computing environment to desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and removable media. Even if a device is lost, stolen, or misappropriated, its data remains protected from all unauthorized users.

Thales KeySecure appliances are at the heart of all Thales data encryption and control solutions, using hardware-based encryption or a virtual-based solution for cloud environments. KeySecure appliances deliver the highest level of data security available in a commercial solution, covering the broadest variety of data types. KeySecure offers a unified platform with data encryption and granular access control capabilities that can be applied to databases, applications, mainframe environments, and individual files. By providing centralized management of keys, policies, logging, auditing, and reporting functions, KeySecure simplifies management, helps ensure regulatory compliance, and maximizes security.

  • CipherTrust Manager 2.0 Certification Course

    The CipherTrust Data Security Platform is an integrated suite of data-centric security products and solutions that unify data discovery, protection and control in one solution.

    Thales has pushed the innovation envelope to remove complexity from deploying data security, accelerate time to compliance and secure cloud migrations.

    The platform provides powerful tools to:

    • Discover and classify the data that your organization should be protecting
    • Protect against external threats and insider abuse with robust encryption, granular access controls, and tokenization strategies
    • Control your data, wherever it is stored, with strong centralized key management

    This self-paced certification course focuses on the CipherTrust Data Security Platform and its integrated solutions. The training sessions will be in the form of narrated presentations. Hands-on lab practices will be available over a remote virtual lab.

    Student interaction and email based Q&A with the instructor is available throughout the entire course, during regional business hours. An active internet connection is required to attend each online training session and view course materials.

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  • Vormetric Certification Course

    The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) and Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) Certification course incorporates theoretical domain knowledge, as well as labs application guidelines, centering around the heart of Vormetric Data Security Platform products.

    In this course, students will learn how the DSM creates, stores and manages the encryption keys that protect data, allows administrators to specify data access policies, administer DSM users and logical domains, generate usage reports, register new hosts, access security logs, manage third-party keys, digital certificates, and more.
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  • KeySecure Certification Course

    The KeySecure Certification course concentrates on Thales’s KeySecure product suite, in particular, the available appliances, key and policy management and an overview of the solutions for databases, applications, and file servers.

    In this three-day advanced course, students will focus on data center protection, including data center encryption, available appliances and integration with databases, applications and file system types.

    Throughout the course the student will achieve a deep understanding of key and policy management and the process of database record encryption, encryption at the application layer and file encryption using the KeySecure solution.

    The instructor will provide a feature overview and in depth technical analysis for each product and solution. This session is followed by a guided lab session in which the student will install and configure the products.
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  • Network Encryption Security Certification Course

    Thales’s high-speed WAN encryptors provide the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to integrate network security solutions for enterprise and government organizations that need to protect mission-critical data.

    With organizations expanding and becoming more geographically dispersed, the global collaboration between partners, suppliers, and customers is forcing a requirement for secure and transparent high-speed communications across the network. Enterprise network and security engineering groups must reach an appropriate balance between enabling communication while securing corporate information.

    With proven reliability, scalability, highest throughput and lowest latency, Thales’s network security devices are the ideal solution for protecting massive amounts of data in motion (including time-sensitive voice and video streams) and are designed to integrate seamlessly into a network topology and provides full crypto agility.

    In this two-day course, students will participate in classroom sessions in which the instructor will provide information on the available network encryption products, the solution’s architecture, considerations for installation and configuration and management options. The classroom session is followed by guided lab sessions in which the student will install and configure the network encryption products.
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Course structure

Our classes deliver an ideal blend of data protection principles and practical hands-on workshops.


Course requirement

Designed for participants with varying levels of experience in cryptography.


Course result

Accelerate deployment of Thales solutions and increase the security and scalability of the systems on which your organization depends.