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NetScout Systems, Inc. offers application and network performance management solutions that enable enterprise and service provider organizations to assure the quality of the user experience for business and mobile services. NetScout’s technology helps these organizations proactively manage service delivery and identify emerging performance problems, helping to quickly resolve issues that cause business disruptions or negatively impact users of information technology. NetScout uses Thales Luna HSM for secure SSL key storage. Thales Luna hardware security modules (HSM) integrate with the nGeniusOne platform  to store the private keys used for SSL decryption and encryption.
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NetScout nGenius InfiniStream: SSL Key Storage and Luna HSMs

NetScout nGenius InfiniStreamKey ManagementembeddedNetScout nGenius InfiniStream: SSL Key Storage and Luna HSMsThe NetScout nGenius InfiniStream appliance – part of the nGeniusOne platform - intelligently and passively inspects data packets to provide information for use in troubleshooting, post-event forensics analysis, application response time, real-time network analysis, and other key performance indicators. nGenius InfiniStream captures packet information for SSL encrypted traffic using a set of decryption and encryption capabilities that ensures the comprehensive recording of packet metadata without disturbing the security of the data traveling over secured networks. SafeNet Luna SA hardware security modules (HSM) integrate with the nGeniusOne platform via the InfiniStream appliance to store the private keys used in both SSL decryption and encryption. By using Luna SA HSMs, organizations ensure the integrity of their SSL encryption and decryption processes by isolating – both physically and logically – the master secrets used in securing networks traffic.