2021 Thales Access Management Index - European Edition

The Challenges of Trusted Access in a Cloud-First World

The shift to remote working and the acceleration of cloud-based services have put a strain on identity and access management infrastructure. As remote access becomes the norm rather than the exception, many organisations need to evolve their security approaches in a world where there is no longer a defined perimeter, according to the 2021 Thales Access Management Index – European Edition.

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Analysis from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, based on a survey commissioned by Thales of more than 2,600 security professionals worldwide, with more than 950 in Europe  451 Research

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Key Stats from the European Research

COVID-19 has transformed the business operating environment, challenging expectations and realities of information security and its management.

Percentage of organisations that are concerned about the security risks and threats of employees working remotely:

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Thales Key Statistics


of organisations are confident that their security solutions enable secure remote work


have adopted two-factor authentication in their organisations


are using multi-factor authentication for remote non-IT staff

Insights from the European Research

As we move away from perimeter-based security models and more towards a Zero Trust approach, managing access to critical resources is a central function of any security strategy.

Percentage of organisations that do not have any access management solution deployed:

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