Thales News Release

Thales and IP4Sure Enhance Cybersecurity with Passwordless Access for Users

October 18, 2022

  • SafeNet Trusted Access combines the convenience of single sign-on with powerful authentication capabilities enabling users to connect easily to cloud apps.
  • Organizations can take advantage of SafeNet Trusted Access Scalability to meet the increased demand when it comes to usage based billing.

The rise of hybrid working and the increasing number of cloud solutions are putting traditional cybersecurity policies under pressure. This is forcing organizations to look at their access management and authentication solutions in a different way. The Dutch security specialist IP4Sure needed a strong, scalable cybersecurity solution which offers an optimal user experience for its customers. Through Thales’ cloud platform for access, management and authentication, SafeNet Trusted Access, IP4Sure can now offer its customers a user-friendly and scalable solution.

The increasing number of cloud solutions and separately offered applications is causing the threat landscape to become larger and more complex and intrusion attempts by cyber attackers more sophisticated. The password is the most vulnerable link in this chain. The same passwords are often used to access multiple applications, with the result that once captured, passwords can cause serious damage. To counter this threat, IP4Sure sought a scalable solution to optimize access security without compromising on ease of use. Inherent in this demand was the demand for a flexible payment model. Because the number of users of an MFA solution often varies, they wanted to be flexible and predict the costs.

With Thales' SafeNet Trusted Access, IP4Sure, offers the best of breed solution for its customers. SafeNet Trusted Access is an access management service that combines the convenience of single sign-on with powerful authentication capabilities. Password problems become a thing of the past, as employees do not need to handle important passwords. By validating user identities, enforcing access policies and applying smart single sign-on, IP4Sure customers give their users secure and easy access to numerous cloud and web-based applications from one easy-to-navigate console.

“Put simply, SafeNet Trusted Access is one of the strongest access management and authentication solutions on the market," explains Tom Heesmans, Security Architect at IP4Sure. "With SafeNet Trusted Access woven into our existing services, our customers have the peace of mind that their users can securely access applications wherever they are. The solution is easy to fit into any existing IT structure, allowing us to roll it out quickly. Thales's support in this is very strong. They have a high level of commitment to their partners. The lines of communication are short. As a result, we never considered switching to another security provider. To meet the demand for more flexibility in payment models, IP4Sure uses the usage-based billing model. This eliminates the cash flow problems associated with prepayment models. Organizations pay according to usage. The platform’s scalability makes this easy to achieve."

Guido Gerrits, EMEA Channel Director for Data Security solutions at Thales: “IP4Sure is a loyal partner of Thales and we are happy to help them, and their customers. SafeNet Trusted Access is designed to help businesses not only survive, but also excel in the digital world. The scalability, flexibility and reliability of the solution gives IP4Sure the ability to quickly and securely meet the demands of their customers. In addition, the usage-based billing model increases efficiency and reduces costs. IP4Sure is appreciated for its excellent support, and partly because of this IP4Sure has enjoyed the highest level in our partner program for years. We are excited about our partnership and look forward to developing our relationship even further.”