Thales News Release

Thales And E-Band Communications Deliver Secure Wireless Solutions For US Government And Financial Clients

October 9, 2008

Focusing on point-to-point wireless and tactical solutions, Thales and E-Band offer the first practical and affordable solution to meet regulatory requirements for securing wireless communications

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security and E-Band Communications, the leading developer of multi-gigabit capacity wireless communication systems today announced an alliance to provide secure high-bandwidth wireless solutions for use by government entities and financial institutions. This partnership will deliver solutions that enable the U.S. federal government and local municipalities to meet the Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8100.2 and also enable large financial service organizations to meet security regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley and Graham Leach Bliley.

The DoD mandate requires that all unclassified wireless transmission must be encrypted with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 certified hardware utilizing the AES encryption algorithm. The partnership between Thales and E-Band will facilitate an accelerated deployment of secure outdoor wireless solutions by enabling the use of cost effective, high performance network encryption solutions with high-bandwidth E-Band solutions. The E-Band solution is based on Licensed Band 70/80 GHz millimeter wave radio technology and is ideal for government and military installations that demand rapid deployment of temporary high-bandwidth wireless links for quick restoration of communications in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. E-Band products operate at OSI Layer 1 and are easily integrated with Thales' Datacryptor® family of network encryption solutions that meet FIPS 140-2 requirements. Thales encryption solutions throughput and low latency provide an ideal solution for protecting data, including voice and video over wireless networks. E-Band and Thales provides secure solutions at fiber-equivalent Gigabit Ethernet speeds for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video services, VoIP, digital imaging and disaster recovery.

“E-Band is impressed with the Thales/E-Band interoperability results and the simplicity of the solution,” said Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at E-Band Communications, Saul Umbrasas . “The alliance with Thales provides Government and Financial Institutions not only FIPS Security Compliance but a cost-effective wireless solution for “Future Proofing” their networks”. The need for more bandwidth intensive content, multimedia applications and visualization is a challenge for the Industry today and will become an even greater issue in the future. E-Band's fiber-equivalent GigE wireless technology, coupled with Thales products, can accommodate present and future communications needs for highly secure ultra-high capacity bandwidth with a simple, rapidly deployable and cost-effective solution.

"The alliance with E-Band creates a unique partnership in the information security industry for securing wireless connectivity. Thales is committed to supporting E-Band and their clients in securing sensitive data," said Cindy Provin, Americas President and Director of Strategy of the Information Systems Security activities of Thales.