Thales News Release

Vormetric Hardens Data Security Manager With Thales

January 19, 2016

Cloud and big data environments demand high assurance data centric security

Vormetric DSM centralizes control of data-at-rest security enabling organizations to protect their sensitive data and meet new security mandates and compliance requirements. Where high levels of trust and security are demanded Thales HSMs provide FIPS 140-2 certified protection and key management.

To meet the demands of customers with deployments distributed across multiple data centres, Thales HSMs offer Vormetric a superior approach to HSM initialization and ongoing administration. By utilizing the unique Thales Security World architecture customers can increase their security posture without the operational difficulties often associated with alternative solutions.

Ashvin Kamaraju, vice president of product development at Vormetric says:

“Our security conscious customers demand high levels of assurance and Vormetric has long offered these customers the option of an embedded FIPS 140-2 certified module. Thales HSMs are a critical component in meeting this security standard and also offer superior scalability to meet the demands of customers working in cloud and multi data-centre environments”.

Cindy Provin, president, Thales eSecurity, Inc. says:

“As ever-greater volumes of data move to the cloud and big data environments the way in which data is stored, accessed and processed demands a data-centric security approach. Properly encrypted data is worthless to cyber-criminals and the deployment of FIPS-validated hardware is a long proven method to ensure encryption keys are safely stored and managed. The integrated delivery of Thales HSMs with Vormetric’s DSM allows customers to take advantage of best-in-class cryptographic hardware protection and key management, adding a further layer of security and reducing their operational risk.”

Thales recently signed a definitive agreement to acquire Vormetric which, when completed, will extend Thales’ data protection and key management solutions to further protect enterprises against cybersecurity threats.