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Easily manage HSM resources and reduce IT infrastructure costs

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Get the Crypto Command Center Premium License to centralize and manage your crypto resources, on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid cloud environments.

Quickly and cost-effectively, provision and manage single or groups of Luna Network HSMs from one central location with Crypto Command Center. With a single platform to monitor and get alerts, administrators can plan capacity loads, troubleshoot issues and easily support application owners. Whether on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, reduce costs and manage your HSMs from anywhere ensuring you can quickly spin up/down your crypto resources.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Crypto Command Center

Flexibility – Easily manage and maintain your HSMs all in one location, even those in virtualized and cloud environments.

Scalability – Quickly set up High Availability (HA) HSM partition clusters or set up a test environment to see how you can re-allocate your partitions for better usage as you scale.

Convenience – Have a centralized view of all crypto resources from your remote device of choice. Significantly reduce the amount of time needed to be onsite with a faster set up of standard crypto operations.

*A crypto resource is a Luna Network HSM partition or a High Availability (HA) group that can be deployed and used for cryptographic applications.



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Luna HSM Device Monitoring - Thales Crypto Command Center

Key benefits of Crypto Command Center Premium License include:


  • Centralize the management of unlimited HSM resources
  • Set up HSM device pools to manage device pools by regions or environments
  • Automate processes thanks to templates that standardize deployment based on compliance requirements and deploy crypto resources with speed


  • Uniquely capable of monitoring Highly Available HSM partitions
  • Monitor crypto operations by partition to identify unusual activities and ensure consistency
  • Stay on top of device activity to ensure operational health and make capacity planning decisions
  • Set alerts to manage sensitivity and importance to eliminate false positives
  • Comprehensive reporting that enables centralized high availability and improved visibility

Plus with the Premium License, our customer support and service maintenance plans are included.

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