5G Data Security Challenges - how to embrace the new Telecoms Security Standards

November 10, 2021

The impacts of 5G on our daily life will be massive, with promises of high-speed connections, ultra-low latency and long battery life for low-power IoT devices. This fifth-generation telecom standard shifts the underlying networks to software-centric open architectures. This openness speeds innovation but also introduces security risks.

Join Manoj Bhati as he explores the data security challenges in 5G, seeing them through the same lens of security by design and zero trust security. He will cover:

• how to make sure that the data is only accessed by the relevant virtualized environment

• how to manage secure sensitive data access policy across multiple vendors at each and every location whether edge, core or in the cloud

• how to enhance the automation using zero touch with robust and agnostic key management (for separation of duty) and security policies across all platform/users and applications


Date: Wednesday, November 10th
Time: 4:30 pm