Enhanced Security & Compliance for MSFT 365 Using DKE & Thales External Keys

November 18, 2021

Delivering the modern digital workplace with Microsoft 365 requires the highest security assurances as data is now off-premise, traversing the clouds, and being stored and accessed across a broad set of uncontrolled remote working environments. Up until now, businesses have been challenged to find security solutions that can easily interoperate with Microsoft 365 and meet the highest level of data security compliance and regulation. Together, Microsoft and Thales with their Double Key Encryption solution allow a CISO, architect, or auditor to address crucial cybersecurity objectives including secure remote work, information protection on the go, secure data storage and more. All of this found in a simple, integrated solution with customer-controlled external key stores.


Date: Thursday, November 18th
Time: 10:45 pm