Four steps to modernizing your IAM environment and moving to cloud-based AM

March 18, 2021

Before the onset of COVID-19, enterprises already had Identity Access Management (IAM) controls in place for company stakeholders working remotely. Enterprises secured applications and digital assets through Single Sign On (SSO), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Web Access Management (WAM). But this architecture was designed for only a small number of employees to work outside of company headquarters — with limited access to applications beyond the on-premises network perimeter. However, the pandemic forced enterprises to adapt quickly as most of the workforce shifted to working at home. This posed new challenges for IT teams and CIOs who had not planned on such a massive change.

Join this webinar, we discuss why Access Management and Authentication is at the heart of enterprise security, how drives a Zero Trust architecture and creates synergies across IT modernisation programs.

Date: Thursday, March 18
Time: 14:00 GMT


Live Webinar