Grasp Control of your keys in a Multi Cloudy World

February 23, 2021

Over 80% of companies are using two and more cloud provides to store sensitive data that needs protection. While encryption is a globally recognized data security principle, how do you control it across environments? The Cloud Security Alliance and Industry Analysts state that encryption keys should be held by customers, so what does that mean in a multi-cloud environment?
- How do you achieve cloud flexibility and data security, across AWS, Azure, Google cloud, IBM cloud, Salesforce, O365 and on-prem?
- How do you gain visibility and grasp control of your keys in Multi Cloudy World?

Join Romi Hamplova, Pre-Sales Manager for Data Protection at Thales UKI, to discover:
- What happens if you do not have key visibility and control?
- What does enterprise key management truly mean?
- Learn how Thales CipherTrust increases the cloud security
- Discover how seamless BYOK, HYOK and full key lifecycle management can be

Date: Tuesday, February 23
Time: 11:00 AM GMT


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