Ransomware Protection: How to Keep Your Data Safe with Strong Data Security

November 10, 2021

Ransomware attacks have become a top cybersecurity concern in 2021 with nation states targeting everything from critical infrastructure, to hospitals and city governments, and demanding millions of dollars in ransom. These recent cyberattacks has gotten the attention at the highest levels in the United States, with the White House issuing an Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity.

As attackers become more sophisticated, they find more ways to run malicious code on workstations and digital infrastructure. This makes it critical for businesses to strengthen its data security and improve cyber resilience.  So how can you better protect your organization from ransomware attacks and strengthen data security.

In this webinar, Thales’ Narayan Makaram and Larry Herzog Jr. delve into the world of Ransomware attacks, how to contain and prevent them, and how to become more proactive, rather than reactive, with regards to data security processes.

What You Will Learn:

- Why are baseline security measures not enough to prevent ransomware attacks.

- What are the essential data protection capabilities required to prevent ransomware.

- Live Demo: Preventing a simulated ransomware attack using CipherTrust Transparent Encryption.

- Live Q&A – feel free to ask us anything ransomware related!

Date: Wednesday, November 10th
Time: 12:30 am