Security & Compliance for SAP Data in Financial Services with Thales and SAP

July 13, 2022

Financial Services companies keep some of their most valuable data in SAP applications, triggering the need for both additional security and taking steps toward meeting compliance requirements. The need increases as they move workloads to the cloud. For many of these organizations, the challenge is to adopt the right security without having to change their architecture or engage in custom coding. Fortunately, SAP and Thales have worked together to solve these challenges for Financial Services customers. Join us to learn how SAP’s Data Custodian uses Thales tokenization, encryption, and key management solutions to protect sensitive data and provide compliance relief for regulated Financial Services data:

  • Adopt the right security without changing your architecture or engage in custom coding
  • Automate encryption key lifecycle management across cloud environments
  • Simplify compliance with privacy, sovereignty, and data security regulations such as GDPR, Schrems II, and PCI

Date: Wednesday, July 13th
Time: 2:00 AM