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Thales Industry Associations & Standards Organizations

Industry Standards and Standards Organizations

Organizations rely on Thales to confidently secure and accelerate their digital transformations. We are proud to be affiliated with the following associations and organizations.

Industry Associations & Standards Organizations

IISP – Institute of Information Security Professionals

The Institute of Information Security Professionals is setting the standard for professionalism in information security.

INCITS T10 – (International Committee on Information Technology Standards)

INCITS operates under the guidance of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to develop Information Processing System standards. Thales contributes to the T10 technical committee.

IPv6 Technical Verification Consortium

As the industry moves toward the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and future advancement of IPv6 utilization, it is desirable to establish measures to discover the new potential threats accompanying IPv6 through studies and research into the kinds of risks involved in IPv6 network environments. This includes planning of technical countermeasures that consider mixed usage of IPv4 and IPv6 as well as the move to IPv6, while also leveraging the insight into security/safety technologies, which were developed under IPv4. Against this background, ten founding members, including companies and organizations in the telecommunication, networking, security, hardware and software fields, established the IPv6 Technical Verification Consortium. The Consortium promotes technical verification focusing on the security area in particular, aiming to achieve secure and stable IT environments where IPv6 is used.

ISTPA – (International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance)

ISTPA is a global alliance of companies and technology providers working together to clarify and resolve existing and evolving issues related to security, trust and privacy.

Japan Cloud Consortium

The private Japan Cloud Consortium (JCC) organization was established to promote the dissemination/development of cloud services in Japan in an industry/academia/government collaboration of various industries, organizations, and businesses. The purpose of this Consortium is to carry out the activities of making suggestions, etc. on the cross-sectional sharing of information and identifying/resolving any new issues with various measures for use in the dissemination/development of cloud services by the relevant enterprises/organizations.

Japan Network Security Association

The goal of the non-profit Japan Network Security Association (JNSA) is to promote standardization related to network security, and to contribute to greater technological standards in the field, enhancing the public welfare through awareness, education, research and information-dissemination activities related to network security. At present, the Association is comprised of many different working groups carrying out different facets of the Association's charter.