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CoreStreet’s Validation Suite from HID Global enables organizations to trust the integrity of their public key certifications so they can confidently identify users and grant the appropriate access to resources. CoreStreet’s Real Time Credential products can grant or revoke an individual's access rights to a building, computer network, laptop or wireless device, in real time.
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CoreStreet CMS

The CoreStreet Validation platform reduces operational costs while eliminating the performance and security bottlenecks of traditional Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) certificate validation. This enables ubiquitous real-time credential validation in both networked and fully disconnected environments. Both Thales Luna PCI and Luna Network HSM integrate with CoreStreet CMS to produce effective certificate services solutions.

Thales Luna PCI HSM is designed to protect cryptographic keys and accelerate sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications. Luna SA HSMs are robust, high-availability, and high-performance appliances that provide cryptographic security by storing certificates and encryption keys in a secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware appliance. Storing these materials in a hardware appliance keeps them out of harm’s way, protects them logically and phycisally, and ensures that only authorized administrators have access to important encryption keys.