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IAM Cloud is an identity management service hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. It provides identity and federation services without the need for on premise servers like DirSync and ADFS. With IAM Cloud, organizations get all the benefits of identity management, without the hassles, costs, and sustainability concerns of managing 4-8 extra servers. Thales has partnered with IAM Cloud to provide IAM Secure, a hosted authentication solution that is completely cloud based. No expensive on-site hardware to manage, and because the OTP delivery channel is a mobile phone, there is no cost to deploy OTP hardware. IAM Cloud Secure integrates with Thales Authentication Solutions for strong, multi-factor authentication.
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IAM Secure

IAM SecureIAMembeddedIAM Secure: IAM and Thales AuthenticationIAM Secure provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based multi-factor solution in the form of a smart phone app. The one-touch user experience for strong authentication allows businesses to leverage the security of one-time passwords (OTPs) using mobile phones. Users simply press the send passcode button on the mobile device and secure access to enterprise resources is granted. This can be deployed quickly and intelligently to specified groups of users, or for specific applications. Or it can be applied to everyone in an organization at the workstation level. Enterprise IT can also set rules regarding when and where employees can access any of their systems.