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NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation is a global technology company that supports everyday business transactions. NCR’s customers are small and large businesses whose goal is to satisfy their own consumers by giving them quality experiences in their technological transactions. NCR’s software and hardware portfolio of services ensures 550 million transactions are possible every day in the worlds of retail, restaurants, travel, banking and more. Such transactions require heavy security so NCR Corporation partners with Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to provide their customers with ultra-secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments solutions.

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ECPIX Payment Systems

NCR Corporation ECPIX Payment Systems enable fast and secure electronic payment transactions and are designed to be reliable and easy to use. 

Thales Luna HSMs integrate with NCR Corporation ECPIX Payment Systems to provide users with secured EFT payments solutions. Its speed and reliability is due to solid-state technology designed to support mission-critical transactions. SafeNet Luna SA, a hardware security module, brings additional security to the transactions by providing cryptographic security surrounding digital signatures, hardware key storage, transactional acceleration, certificate signing, data encryption and more. Thales Luna PCIe is also designed to protect cryptographic keys and accelerate sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications. Together, both products provide tamper-proof hardware solutions that protect digital keys and safeguard transactions.