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OpenWay Group is a card management, channel banking and transaction switching software vendor. OpenWay’s WAY4 Card Issuing and Merchant Acquiring, Personalised Channel Banking, Loan Management, Payment Switch/Hub, Behaviour Loyalty and other customer-centric software solutions successfully operate at more than 100 banks, processing and telecom companies in Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. OpenWay’s WAY4 processing platform relies on the cryptographic security provided by Thales payShield 10k HSMs in many ways. This includes card personalisation, PIN generation, ATM and POS key management, classic card-present operations, OTP authentication for web-banking, GPRS mobile banking and 3-D Secure e-commerce transactions. When even higher processing performance is required, OpenWay’s largest clients may use multiple load-balanced Thales payShield HSMs. Headquarters: Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium


Way4 EMV Data Preparation and Personalization and 3D Secure(1)

Way4 EMV Data Preparation and Personalization and 3D Secure Card Issuance and Management fancybox OpenWay Group Way4 EMV Data Preparation and Personalization and 3D Secure: Card Issuance and Management with ProtectServer OpenWay Group’s WAY4 software solutions provide EMV card-issuing services. The encoded identity information on these cards must be protected at the highest levels. Accordingly, OpenWay Group’s WAY4 platform integrates with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM, a PCI-compliant, FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated expansion card. ProtectServer’s cryptographic management services provide strong protection for these data cards by encrypting the data they hold and ensuring proper authentication of identity when they’re in use.