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Radiant Logic, Inc. is a provider of federated identity solutions based on virtualization, and delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identities within an organization. Since pioneering the first virtual directory in 2000, the company has evolved its groundbreaking technology into a complete federated identity service, enabling Fortune 1000 companies to solve their toughest identity integration and federation challenges. Using model-driven virtualization technology, the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service builds customizable views from disparate data silos, streamlining authentication and authorization for identity management, web access management, context-driven applications, and cloud deployments.  Radiant Logic integrates with SafeNet Authentication Service to provide users with IAM solutions.   75 Rowland Way, Suite 300 , Novato CA United States North Americas 94945 1.877.727.6442


RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service

RadiantOne Cloud Federation ServiceIAMembeddedRadiantOne Cloud Federation Service:IAM with SafeNet Authentication Service

RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS), powered by identity virtualization, is the latest component of the RadiantOne suite. Together with RadiantOne VDS, CFS delegates the task of authenticating against all your identity stores to one common virtual layer, and shields your external and cloud applications from the complexity of your identity systems.

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) offers fully automated authentication delivered from the cloud to raise the assurance level that a user is who they claim to be, ensuring secure access to critical applications and data, with OTP-based strong authentication, whether using a hardware key fob, mobile device, or grid-based authenticator.

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SAS Using SAML as an Identity Provider for RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service